Gradient with dots

Hi everyone,

I am looking into doing something like the image below with some dotted gradients that fill up a word and progress from high density to low density. the idea is to do 2 different gradients with dots of different colors that don’t intersect and progress in opposite direction.

is this possible to be done in grasshopper?

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Luis (15.6 KB)

hope it help~


wow!! so nice of you to take the time for this. I will have a look this evening.

thank you :slight_smile:

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Luis (15.2 KB)

If you just want to preview, you can do this on Rhino6 (GH 1.0). :wink:


Looks quite nice :slight_smile:

dont have Rhino 6 but only the 5 :slight_smile:

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If those rings were linked, you’ve have a chain letter.


Hi again,

I have tried the example that you have created. Is it very slow in your computer? it seems quite heavy on mine! I wanted to try to modify some fields to achieve another look but my laptop struggles with it. it just gets blocked.

is there any way, lighter, to achieve the same effect?

Also, how can you bake this and get the shapes in rhinoceros curves to be used?

thank you again,
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Luis (19.7 KB)

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