How add voronoi 3D to this surface!?

hello everyone.
i want to add this surface to my Voronoi but I can not add it as one single surface.
can you pls help me with it?
01.3dm (173.8 KB)
unnamed - (10.6 KB) (37.7 KB)

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Have a look at the attachment.

unnamed - (55.7 KB)


thanks a lot.
it works.

thanks bro.
i was thinking about what HS_Kim preferred.

@HS_Kim’s solution looks great, though Loft was broken for me in R5:


Fixed as follows using Clean Tree:

unnamed - (32.8 KB)

A complicating factor in trying to cut holes in the faces of the original brep is that they overlap:

Using the output of yesterday’s Voronoi_2019Oct8a, this version (below) uses Anemone (white group) to split each of the ten surfaces, one at a time. Like the surfaces, some of the results overlap too.

The cluster Srf EL is my own, it sorts surfaces by the sum of their edge lengths. Most of the code in the cyan group is simply creating a pattern for Dispatch to route all surfaces to ‘A’ (yellow) except for the first one in each sorted (reversed) list, which goes to ‘B’ (blue). (50.4 KB)

For the surface by surface detail, connect Srf EL to the included ‘Tree/List Viewer’ and disable the two Previews in the cyan group:

Easy to see where it fails, but why?