I need help turning mesh into a voronoi surface


I want to turn a mesh I imported from Fusion 360 into a surface and then create voronoi holes in it.
I did a few GH workshops way back and don’t remember much now, relearning.
Here are the files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1s_8-RlsTQ0U4o07IekRhydIxYZ8cSZ3i

I can only open the .3dm file in Rhino 6 but it freezes so much i can’t load the GH file and change anything in it. So i created new files in Rhino 5: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VFkWPNAh3cDBoZy20lcD3oUWiUGY1I1G
I deleted all parts of the mesh aside from the top part

because this is what i want to get:

instead of a voronoi pattern wrapped around it with bottom differing from the top.

I tried using the Surface Voronoi plugin but I can’t turn the mesh into a single surface. The mesh is closed but when i turn it into a polysurface it’s open and i can;t close it. cause there are 3 non manifold edges i guess? i tried removing them from the polysurface but nothing happens. When i do in the mesh they take away neighboring outer edges with them. And i need the outer edges to remain unchanged.

I’ve spent 2 days googling and applying GH examples and solutions to similar problems. Any ideas?

Hi Magdalena,

You can try getting a quick surface from this not-so-crazy polysurface in several ways.

See the attached example, it uses EdgeSrf from four boundaries, with a couple of different patches as options.
voronoihelp_01.gh (96.0 KB)

Maybe it helps