Why is rhino now mac and win combined in category and why see posts when click category?


why has win and mac been combined, confusing reading of something try it then find it doesnt work and find its for mac.

Things have changed rhino for windows no longer there, and I was searching for a post, couldnt find it, clicked new topic, then clicked category and all I saw were individual posts in grasshopper, as oposed to the categories listed, yes individual posts with the message showing up in the category drop down, thats not right at all. Couldnt even see rhino to select.

Something very wrong here.

Had to exit internet then come back in and this time category list had the various titles such as grasshopper, rhino, etc.

Furthermore I see posst called Rhino for Windows, with grey/red icon, and others called rhino just grey.

How did folk manage that ?

Now one of mine has gone from grey rhino to red/grey rhino for windows with a reply, so are admin placing it into category it should be ?

Site not right.


Rhino is now a main category and Rhino for Windows and Rhino for Mac are subcategories of it. The advantage is if you post a question that is cross-platform - something about basic Rhino operations that is common to both platforms - you no longer need to put it in a platform-specific category.

Hi, I didnt see a sub cat though.