Hot Pepper Shape

Hello. What is the best tool to make a 20" inch hot pepper shape? I was able to make the hot pepper shape but I need to make it bent or curve like the pepper. Here is the shape of the pepper:

And here is the pepper shape from Rhino that I am working on:

I used the Sphere object shape and stretch it out. But now I am trying to bend the middle part of the pepper. Thanks for any advice!

I’d make a set of matching, simple curves, loft them with History, and then noodle the curve points to get the shape. You can do what is in the image, deform a sphere or ellipsoid, but you’ll want to organize it so the poles are on the ends and then Rebuild the surface before deforming - see the famous Level 1 ‘rubber ducky’ exercise.

Pepper.3dm (101.8 KB)


Thank you, I will give it a try.

Great stuff in that rubber duck exercise. Another very simple tool is the Bend command in the Transform menu. Might be just what you need, but Pascal’s suggestion will allow you to develop a more nuanced shape. Cage Edit, though a little more involved, can be in the running as a modeling option, too.

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Thanks Doug!

I just tried the Bend command and it is a great tool.