Hops wishes or available options?

Ahoy !

I’m currently working on a CPython Hops library to bring Matplotlib in Grasshopper.
First of all, Hops is absolutely great ! Thank you for its development, I’m personally having fun playing with it on this small project !

Here’s just one of the many possibilities

I have a couple of questions about some Hops options though…

  • Can we set cache on memory to False by default through code?
  • Same question for cache on server?

→ These are essential for Matplotlib to draw the plot on demand. If any cache is set to True, Matplotlib will not display the plot twice, only the first time.


  • Can we set Asynchronous to True by defaul through code?

→ Would be great to move around 3d model while the plot is being displayed. Asynchronous is a really nice option.


  • I think this one isn’t possible, but could we set a Hops component to not run in parallel?

→ I have a weird behavior sometimes where the console is locked in a loop (that ends after 1 minute) and prints “main thread is not in main loop”. I don’t see where this could come from else than parallel run. Maybe there is a Python way to avoid this kind of situation?

Thank you for your time in advance, and for Hops in general !