Hops - version 0.5.0 available

Hops 0.5.0 is now available via the Rhino package manager

  • Added support for passing trees to the CPython server. NOTE: you will also need to update ghhops-server to 1.3.0

  • Added number of child processes to launch for solving to the preferences dialog.

  • With Rhino 7.6 and above there is a new setting in the grasshopper “Document Properties” that allows association of an SVG or PNG icon with a grasshopper definition. If this icon is set, Hops will use it as the component icon.

  • Added support for Data param output

  • Now uses our new rhino.compute.exe to manage 1 or more child grasshopper processes. This should have little effect on how you work with external grasshopper definitions right not, but it lays the way for potential performance improvements in future versions of Hops. This also allows people to use the same technology stack that we use for running rhino.compute on a separate server.


Thanks for the update! Sounds great.

What I don’t understand is why you would want to pass trees to the CPython server, since I don’t think that GH trees are data types in CPython? Is there a translation layer now that converts trees to nested lists when input, much like the treehelpers functions do?

I believe this is a pretty uncommon and special case, but David Leon wanted this for his work so why not…

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thanks for bringing this so fast @stevebaer. Beyond the immediate practical use that I might have for this, I think it’s great that hops gets the same functionality of all other GH components so that you don’t have to know your way into workarounds to work with it as you would normally :+1:

I’ve tried some examples, and it seems to handle trees pretty well now! Great job!!

Here are some minor bugs that I’ve encountered so far in Rhino 7 (7.7.21138.11002, 2021-05-18) for macOS:

  • after entering the server address and confirming for a new Hops component a superfluous search dialogue pops up somehow

    Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 10.17.19

  • in the Grasshopper preferences in the Solver category the UI elements are a little messed up

Here are some more severe bugs :rotating_light: that crash Rhino and Grasshopper:

  • a “hard” crash (no spinning beach ball) is produced when clicking on the Child Processes Count button in the Grasshopper preferences (while no server is running)

  • a “softer” crash (with spinning beach ball) happens when you suspend the server inside the shell with CTRL + Z to do something else, forget to bring the job back into foreground with fg <job num>, and then try to update the address from the Hops component inside Grasshopper, in short Grasshopper seems to crash when the flask server is suspended

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Thanks for testing. All of the controls below the input for Compute server URLs should be removed for Mac as we don’t have an implementation of rhino.compute that runs on Mac. I’ll add this to the github issue list and get them removed.