How to call an existing HOPS definition within a remote CPython Script

Hi all,

I am discovering step by step how to use the very promising HOPS module and its advantages + limitations. To that purpose, I am currently looking for a solution to connect an existing HOPS function to/within a CPython script in order to interact with grasshopper. Following the tutorial available here mainly focused on how to create a HOPS function from python to be used within grashhoper, I did not succeed in using it for example to interactively transfer/modify data from Cpython to modify an existing HOPS function’s inputs in grasshopper.

So I wonder if someone could give me some leads and explanations in order to solve this challenge. I will really apreciate it :slight_smile:
Is there a solution ?

Thanks in advance for your help !
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Have I to use node in code scripting with Rhino.python ?