Programmatically clear Hops memory cache

Hi @stevebaer

is it possible to programmatically clear hops memory cache using ghpython?


Not currently. Why do you need this?

i’m using hops for asynchronously compute remeshByColour from Kangaroo2. It is regularly failing and I cant detect the precise reason, so I just proceed to “ok, lets reset everything and “hope” it will work that way”, since everything is part of a large script thast is going to be used by non gh experts, behind a UI. Finally I managed to “apparently” solve the problem by disabling/enabling the component when it gets stucked.

So the programmatical access to reseting cache was just to hide the process behind a UI button, for the easy of use of the user. Again, totally blindly guessing from my part, trying to solve a problem that I dont understand…

Couldn’t you wrap that functionality in some sort of recursive function?
The function would run and on success, return whatever you need it to. In the event of an error, it would recurse, call itself again.
You should probably set a recursion or time limit to prevent infinite loops, in case the script doesn’t succeed for a prolonged time.