Hops - tree mismatch

Hey there,
by starting with Hops I realized that a simple tree will lead to mismatches in the file calling the function. Is this sth which will be solved in further releases? Or will hops not be the tool for tree operations since “…Hops will spawn a new parallel thread for each branch of a tree”?

best, kaspar

gh-hops_getFunktion.gh (15.8 KB) gh-hops_externeFunktion.gh (15.7 KB)

I found a similar issue with a simpler definition.

Also this guide no mention of RH_IN:[name] but it seems to work!


yes - first error is the null instance at the list start - second error is the mismatching tree structure when calling the function via hops.

@stevebaer or @scottd could you help us out?

Thanks for the reports. I’ll try to take a look at them this afternoon and see what needs to be done to get this fixed.

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The RH_IN and RH_OUT syntax still works. I’m trying to get this to the point where you can just use all of the “Get” components as inputs and have things like the “context bake” component for output, but I’m not there yet. This way you would be able to use the same definition for both hops and the grasshopper player.


Just published v0.4.2 with the following fixes…

  • First item of list/tree output is always null (#268)
  • Preserve paths when returning a tree (#270)


Hi @will,
Thanks for the quick update!

After updating, the component isn’t showing any inputs nor outputs of the definition it is running (it was working as expected before).

Go to grasshopper preferences->Solver and uncheck the “Hide Compute Console Windows” checkbox.

Then restart Rhino/Grasshopper and try again. The console window may provide some details on what went wrong.

Thanks @stevebaer.
It’s working fine now :+1:

That doesn’t make sense. It’s working when the console window is visible and not working when the window is hidden?

Had to be something else, but the only change I made was unhiding the console window.
Just to be sure, I hid the console window again and restarted Rhino: everything is working well.