Hops incoming connection from the internet

What does this connection do?


Hops runs inside the rhino.exe process and makes local calls to compute.geometry.exe. Maybe this is confusing your firewall.

Thanks for the reply Steve,

I’m not very networking savvy how can it make a mistake this IP address is external?

As a side question are these calls secure, not accessible to other processes running on the machine?

What happens if you click deny? Does the hops component succeed? Maybe it isn’t Rhino trying to call this process.

I haven’t personally encountered this message so I have to guess

I already clicked accept but I’ll try to block it and see the result.
I first read about hops today so it’ll take some time to figure it all out.

BTW since I’m planning to use PyCharm has anyone tested hops with it?

I personally only use VS Code for python debugging these days, but there’s nothing unique about the ghhops-server that would make it work in one IDE and not another. I’m pretty confident this will also work just fine in PyCharm.

1 Like is an Azure (MSFT’s cloud service) IP. It’s possible the connection is from some Windows component.

Well, then @stevebaer are you sure you (McNeel) haven’t put some probing packets. Why would hops be requesting connections from virtual/cloud servers?

I don’t know where this request is coming from.

The source code is all available. Feel free to take a look.