Status code 401 trying to use Hops with a remote machine

Hi guys,

I am getting a 401 status (Unauthorized Error) when trying to use Hops and targeting a virtual Rhino.Compute instance instead of local.

I followed the guide and set the IP address of the vm on the Hops settings, and if I run compute.geometry.exe manually from the VM, I can actually see Hops trying to reach the /io endpoint.

Any clues why this is happening? Am I missing anything?


I am running compute.geometry on a vm using the following versions:
"rhino": "7.10.21256.17001", "compute": ""

Locally I am trying to use from the compute repo.

What “Path” are you using? It looks like Hops might be getting confused

For the Compute Server URL, something like this: http://111.222.333.444:80 and for the definition path on hops is just an usual file path.

Hey @stevebaer, after trying a bit more I got this error which might be what you mentioned regarding the path.

Any ideas what might be happening here?

Do you get any sort of different error message from the compute console?

I get exactly the same message.

After debugging deeper, I found the exception being raised at ApiKey.cs more specifically at the CheckApiKey(Nancy.NancyContext context) method.

The code makes total sense to me. What is not clear now is how do I pass my compute api key through Hops @stevebaer?

Hops doesn’t currently pass any sort of api key around. Do things work if you remove the api key environment variable and restart compute?

Yes, things do work! Might be useful to write this detail on the Hops docs. :slight_smile:

Is there a reason you had the api key set?

@stevebaer Not really. It’s a production deployed server. I just followed the guide.