Hops makes process extremely slow

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to use Hops, but it makes the gh process extremely slow. Is there a method to make faster the computation? Actually, I used before Data Input/Output components. They worked well. But I couldn’t define a path in these components automatically. Therefore, I found Hops better for my algorithm.

I have also two technical questions more to @AndyPayne @stevebaer. I understood from some internet sources that hops uses a cloud system and we send a batch operation to this cloud system to operate the gh script. Is it possible to use hops only in my computer and not send to cloud system? My second question is, if it is possible to use hops without baking geometry and transfering data directly from grasshopper like in Data Input/Output?

I know, I had a lot of question for you. Hopefully, you can help me. Thank you for all experts from Rhino, who created such a great software :slight_smile:

Hi @Mertcan_Kaya Without seeing your definition, or knowing a little more about what it is you’re trying to do, it’s difficult to say how to help speed up your definition (or why it might be running slowly). To answer your first question, yes you can use Hops and Rhino.compute locally without sending any information to a remote server. If you’re on a Windows based machine (not running Windows Server), then Hops should automatically launch a local instance of rhino.compute for you. If you go to the Hops preferences section (go to File → Preferences → Solver) then you should see a checkbox that says Hide Rhino.Compute Console Window. If this is unchecked, then you should see a new console application appear in your taskbar. This is the Rhino.Compute server which is listening for incoming requests from Hops.
For your second question, I’m a little confused because I don’t know what a “Data Input and/or Data Output component” is. Hops has it’s own custom components for defining inputs and outputs. If you look under the Params Category and Util Group, then you should see a number of components that say Get Boolean or Get Integer or Context Print. These are the components we use for defining inputs and outputs. If you use the Context Print or Context Bake you can pass any data you would like and have it returned in the output parameter of the Hops component. This doesn’t have to be geometry. It can be numbers, strings, etc. You can find more information about the input and output components here: The Hops Component with Grasshopper.
Let us know if you have any follow up questions.

Hi Andy,

thank you for your response. Actually, I’m using windows server in my work station. I think I should have core-hour billing licenses for Windows Server system. But, the university doesn’t want to afford this license, because they gave me a work station and I can also use some cores from other work stations at university. Therefore, I should use Hops somehow locally. Is it possible to use Hops in Windows Server locally without core-hour billing licenses?

For the other question, thank you for your response. I got it!

@Mertcan_Kaya Unfortunately, if you are using Windows Server then you have to use core-hour billing.

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