Shapediver rhino 7

A while ago I read about the possibilities of shapediver. At that time it was not yet possible to import files such as step files into shapediver. Now I read that shapediver uses Rhino 7, and that it is now possible to import step files. But the moment I use the new “Import Geometry” component I get a message that it is not supported in rhino 6. Can I get a free account to try shapediver rhino 7?

Only Designer and Business accounts can switch to the Rhino 7 system at the moment. You can start a trial of one of these accounts and request the switch using our contact form.

Almost half of the threads active in the last 12 hours are tagged as ShapeDiver which, for most of us who aren’t using it, will be ignored. Is there any plan to address this distraction? It is becoming significant.

@Joseph_Oster You can go to your preferences > categories and add ShapeDiver in the list of muted channels.

Cool, thank you, I’ve never seen the forum preferences page before.

I still like the idea of ShapeDiver very much and would love to use it, I just can’t justify the expense.