Hops error, inputs fail to load

I am having a hard time finding the source of this error. I have a basic test script that just sums two numbers, but the inputs and outputs are not recognized.

hops_test.gh (5.2 KB)

Hi Olek. I just tested your file and everything seemed to work fine. You don’t technically need to expose the Path input. This is sort of just there as a convenience. But, what is the file path you are trying to specify in your file path parameter? Alternatively, does it work if you simply set the path by right-clicking on the Hops component and selecting Path… and then selecting the grasshopper file that way?

Also, I would follow up and say that Hops does appear to be recognizing the inputs and outputs. You can see you have two inputs labeled X and Y and an output labeled number. This was read directly from the Grasshopper file so it does look like it’s parsing it correctly. Somehow it’s not getting the path set correctly and I think that’s more likely the issue.

Hi Andy, My apologies. The screenshot I included was from a test I did on a friend’s computer, where everything works fine (and I was able to expose the inputs). I’m running from a virtual environment - could that be related to the problem? It looks like this:

At the moment, Hops requires absolute paths to the files. Is the path you showed an absolute path?