Hops error

Hello , why this the error in this example? i set the path to the gh file (test.gh)


Exactly replicating the first picture works fine here…
Can you upload the .gh that you are using as hops?

I reinstall Rhino and it work now, i don’t know what’s wrong before


The error happen again


hops test.gh (1.6 KB)

t.gh (3.2 KB)

Hops don’t work with an addon but i don’t know which one, when i rename grasshopper folder it work fine

Yep, your files work fine here…
If you are able to pinpoint the plugin causing the problem, that might be useful to know for Steve, maybe.

I can’t, if i test them one by one i need to restart rhino dozens of times.
Perhaps with a little luck I will find it

The problem with different ghpy components, also with many addons installed Hops load gh file very slowly

I made optimizations to Rhino 7.5 to load faster when headless, but only chopped out about 10% of the GH load time. I would recommend getting the 7.5 release candidate if you don’t have it already.

I would recommend unchecking the option that hides compute and the restarting rhino/grasshopper. The console application that gets launched should provide some hints at what is going wrong.

We’ll probably have better diagnostics in the future, but this is what we have today.

Let me know if you get any errors in the console output window and we can try to figure out what to do to fix things

Thanks, i use Rhino 7.5 and i unchecked Hide compute console window ; it launched at start and closed immediately when Grasshopper window appears , than nothing appears when i get the error,
The problem only with ghpy components

If the console window closed immediately, that means compute.geometry.exe crashed. If you have a ghpy component that you think causes this, I would love to get a copy to try on my computer.

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There are maybe 100 ghpy components, i tried to find the one caused the error but it is not easy.
If the console work for you maybe you can find where is the problem

If you are willing, you could send me a zip of all of these ghpy components. I can spend the time to dig through these and figure out what is causing the crash

All of them and also a zip file available in food4rhino link :slight_smile:

Ah, I didn’t understand the Fennec link. Thanks; I’ll give it a try

And this is the zip file if you have trouble with the link:

fennec.zip (1.1 MB)

hi Steve,

In order to improve error diagnostic, i think it would be very helpful to replicate in the hops block whatever error comes up in the referenced file. i imagine this should not be too hard to implement abd would be very helpful to understand what isn’t working well.
would this be possible?

thanks in advance!

This should be working already, but it sounds like there is a bug where this is not the case. Do you have a sample where the errors are not being shown in the Hops component?

I forgot about it and test it now, it work well thank you

oh interesting!

so far, i have seen this one in two occasions:

  • when trying to run a Hops on compute server but without connection to the server
  • when the block used for output does not match the data type that it receives (eg setting RH_OUT on a number block but inputting a surface to it)