Hops, Data Input / Output, Clusters -- When to use what?

Hi Community,

I lost track of all the (new) ways Grasshopper definitions can cluster, externalize and share data / parts of of the script. It would be great if someone could explain when to use what. Thanks!

To my knowledge these exists:

  • refactoring and organising Grasshopper files
  • sharing certain code snippets with third parties
  • using CPython modules (numpy, scipi, tensorflow, etc) within GHPython (IronPython)
  • running specific code on a local or remote server that third parties can have limited or unlimited access to through Hops in Grasshopper
  • importing/reading local data (3DMs, images, text, etc.) directly into Grasshopper
  • defining and editing Rhino geometry attributes (information) from within Grasshopper (BIM-like workflow)
  • defining and editing Rhino blocks and their attributes from within Grasshopper