(WISH) Cluster with (Type / Access) Signature

Script Components allow to set input Parameters with “Type Hint” and “Access - Item - List - Tree”.
Which allows a proper Signature of the Component.

Definitions that are set up for Hops (or Grasshopper Player) have Type specific “contextual inputs” that allow Tree Access = True/False.

Cluster Inputs (implicit) inherit the Type from the first wire.
(This is why I teach to have single connection / wire to a Parameter-Component inside the cluster first.)
But for more complex clusters it is nearly impossible to develop them isolated / in a separate file - and predict the behaviour, if the inputs change their type or structure.

I really would love to see an option, to explicitly set the Type and Access for Cluster Parameters.
With the result, that the standard, grasshopper combinatoric logic is applied to the Cluster the same way it is applied to a standard component.

This would allow a proper isolated development of clusters.