Honeybee - runtime error?


I am having problems with launching Honeybee in Grasshopper.
Says there is an Runtime error (ImportException) : No module named fcntl.
Traceback. line 430,

See image attached below

I am operating Rhino 5.5.4 on Mac OS High Sierra.

Many thanks

Hi welcome,

For more : https://discourse.ladybug.tools/


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Thanks for your reply.

I will have a look.
Is the installation steps 6-10 the same process for Mac OS?

Yup. I guess

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The legacy honeybee shown the screenshot does not work on Mac. However, the latest Ladybug Tools 1.0 that was released a couple of weeks ago is completely Mac-compatible:

FYI, you should really upgrade your OS. High Sierra is too old to work with the latest dependencies that Ladybug Tools uses.