Honeybee Daylight factor sim values drop




I have been working on this script for a while in Honeybee to test the Daylight factor of an office room looking out onto an Indoor atrium with a glass roof. The script was working fine until I saved it and reopened it and the Daylight factor values had dropped down to about 0.01% I unpugged and replugged some wires and got the script back to normal but as I saved and re-opened it the same problem occured. I have checked all the input values and the referenced geometry and it all seems to be correct.

I am quite new to Honeybee and if anyone with more experience would take a look at the script that would be much appreciated! I couldn´t upload the file in the Honeybee forum so I thought I would try here.


DaylightFactorAnalysis_interior_atrium.gh (1.0 MB)



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