Ladybug for Rhino 6-Grasshopper

hello everyone,

I am using Rhino 6, I installed Ladybug 0_0_61 and ghpython but when I try to use it I get this error:

  1. Solution exception:Metot bulunamadı: ‘Void Microsoft.Scripting.Utils.ExceptionUtils.RemoveData(System.Exception, System.Object)’.

I installed another versions of Ladybug too but none of them works. I am new to Rhino so hope I can fix it.

check ladybug discourse for ladybug related threads.


You seem to be using a different version of python than the one reference in the components. make sure the two match. Hope this solves it for you

thanks for responding. How can I find out about the right version of Python and download it?

Hey Elif,

Try this. Rhino 6 all come with their own GhPython interpreter.