Not able to fill a hollow model

So I made a model on sketch up which was hollow. Then exported it as a STL. file for 3d printing. Now the guy wants the model to be solid ( capped) and when I try to cap the model it doesn’t work. Please help me with this.
om.stl (226.6 KB)
I have uploaded the file for reference.

if your download PrusaSlicer, it has a built in NetFabb repair, you’ll get this:
om_repaired.stl (244.8 KB)

Hey Zwart!
Thank you so much for your reply, I checked the file that you uploaded and it is also coming hollow. I want the model to be solid from inside. Could you please help me with that?

Thank you

Seems pretty decent to me (apart from printability issues, but that’s another topic)

You can also use the new ShrinkWrap command Rhino 8 WIP to prepare this file for 3d printing.

It’s still showing hollow when I open the file.

Any way I can do this on Rhino 7.

So called closed polysurfaces, Solids and closed meshes with a volume are always hollow on the inside when you trim or split it. Is that what you mean? This is totally fine and should not have any influence on the print output.

If you have Rhino 7, you can download version 8 WIP and give it a try. In this case though you don’t need it, you can use the repaired file I posted.

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No not when I trim or split it. When I zoom into the model it is hollow from inside. And I am not able to trim it as well.

Yes this is normal/how it should be, and won’t be any different in any other application.

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Here is a video on creating a thin shell solid model for printing: Kyle Houchens on LinkedIn: never fail shelling