I have been using frequently the HM2_Illustration to produce quick screenshots of assembly sequences. I noticed that sometimes I get an error in the drawing of the solids, where a line that it isn’t there shows across several solids. As you can see in the image bellow, it looks like a solid is intersecting several objects. The image is showing a wood frame structure against a wall. The wood frame members are solids and the wall is a single plane. This plane wasn’t trimmed in any way, and the isocurves don’t coincide with the place where these lines are showing up.

Is this a bug? Any ideas why this is happening?

Hi @Filipe_Brandao,

Can you sent me a sample model with the bug? I don’t know what HM2_Illustration is, but from the name I guess is a display mode from Holomark2, isn’t it?

If the wall is a plane and the wood structure are solids, which VisualARQ objects are involved in this issue?

I though HM_Illustration was installed with VisualARQ. It never occurred me Holomark, probably because I installed them at the same time and lost track. :flushed:
There are no VisualARQ objects involved, just regular planes and polysurfs, I think I might as well ask @Holo if he can help out.

HM2_Illustration is a modified copy of the technical display. Do you get the same lines when you use the regular technical display? I would guess that you do. Please attach a simple model that shows this effect - perhaps then we can try and find out why it happens.

Yup, HM_Illustration was installed by Holomark. There isn’t any way to uninstall it automatically through scripting that I could find so you have to do it manually, sorry about that :wink: Glad you use it, that’s what I hoped for. Not that if you do adjustments to it and run Holomark again then it will be installed fresh again, to make sure Holomark runs with the same settings on different systems. So if you need to make adjustments then just make a copy of it with a new name first.

What you see seems to be a bug, probably in the file or in the already calculated technical data. HM2_Illustration is just using technical display mode with a few adjustments, so you should see the same lines in the other technical modes, can you check to see if that’s right?

@wim and @holo, you are right. As you can see in the image below, both the technical and Hm_Illustration show the same lines that aren’t there, where as the Hidden mode does not.

I’ve trimmed down the model, which is a bit heavy, and kept the objects shown on the images.
B2_small.3dm (3.5 MB)

Hi @Filipe_Brandao,

Hidden display mode is installed by VisualARQ. It should only be available if Tibidabo is loaded. It does something similar to the Rhino Technical display mode, but with some differences: it tries to hide tangent edges (probably your case), hides some edges from VisualARQ interfered objects, etc. But it currently doesn’t support showing hidden or intersection lines.

I’ve looked at this a while now and cannot find out why it is behaving like it is.
It comes and goes a bit as well…

I’ve exported the display mode and imported into the WIP and there it is behaving like it should.That means it won’t be fixed in RH5, I guess…

Yes, I’ve looked at Hidden and I’m ok with it except with three things. The first one you already mentioned. I need it to show intersections between objects. Another thing is that every time I start rhino, the settings I changed are reset to default. The last one is not having the possibility to control the silhouette thickness, like in the Technical 2D.

Something in your scew block is causing this.
If you copy paste everything but the scews to a new document and turn on HM2_Illustration then it works as it should.
I’m sure you’ll manage to bugtrack the screws. Good luck!

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Thanks @Holo! I’ll have a look at it. Cheers!