History doesn't work with curves, pasted from another file


To reproduce (with history record on)

  1. create 2 curves
  2. cmd+c them /create new file/paste to that file
  3. create Loft from that curves
  4. make any change to any curve - history failed to update

Rhino 6 for Mac WIP build 6.14.19036.12056

What you say is true. if you want to use those curves, copy them and the loft has history.

To do this simply just select your curves, hold Alt / Option key while clicking on one of the Gumballs direction arrows and move a set amount like 10 Rhino Units.
Delete the copied from the other file curves and then move the copied curves back -10 R Units. Loft will now have history attached.

IHTH «Randy


Thank you, Randy! Your workaround is really helpful!
I wonder, is it a bug or just the normal state of things?


I am assuming this is normal, since the new file will not remember the history from the old one. Just like duplicating an open file and not having your past commands remembered.

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Sergey, @rhinorudi - this is a bug as far as I can see - pasting curves to a new file should have no effect on a loft made from them with History. The loft should update with the curves as if they were created fresh in that file.



So pasting the curves then doing the loft command, it should update the loft if you make changes to one of those curves. Makes sense, since the loft was done after the curves were pasted.

Thanks, «Randy


Hello, Pascal
BTW, the same problem appears in copied file after “Duplicate” command

(Dan Belcher) #8

History should be working better in a multi-doc environment in the latest RhinoWIP. There may still be issues, but please give it a try.


Ok @dan thanks. I will