Highlighting layer in tree of currently selected object

Right now I use the little text readout at the bottom that shows the selected object’s layer… Then have to cruise through the layer tree until I find the offending layer.

Would be nice if the layer (and parents if collapsed) glowed or highlighted or something subtle so I can drill down visually instead of having to search for the correct text.


That’s a great idea.

Hi Ryan, to highlight the layer of the currently selected object, you can click on the Tools icon (hammer) in the layer manager and choose “Select Object Layer”. In case of many many layers, it will scroll automatically to the selected layer. Two clicks i know, personally i would like to see a single button for it in the layer manager…


Hi Ryan.
We have submitted your request for consideration in Rhino 6.
Thanks for your idea.
Mary Fugier
McNeel Technical Support

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For the record, I’d like Clement’s idea better, to have a dedicated button in the layer manager.
Having the layer list jump around when selecting objects would be annoying.

Maybe it would be better as an option to auto-highlight the layer in the layer tree with a sub option to auto-expand a parent layer to show the child layer. If not, just the parent layer would be highlighted.

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Eric yeah that’s what I was thinking. It just highlights the parent. 99% of the time you wouldn’t look at it or care. I wouldn’t want it scrolling around or auto expanding anything.

@wynott, @clement, @mary, @Marc: this already exists.