WISH: Selected Object - Right Click --> Select Layer

Hi all,

This drives me crazy - no info on screen tells me which layer an object resides in (I don’t have Properties visible all the time), and even if it did, it’s sometimes hopeless to find that layer when the layer structures are deep. So,

  1. Selected Object - Right Click - Option to select “Select Layer”.
    Notice that this is not the same as having a button or menu ELSEWHERE (as in the link below), instead it should be "at your fingertips of course, that is, RM-click in the Viewport).
    Highlighting layer in tree of currently selected object

  2. If there are multiple objects in different layers then? Then select all those layers ( = very good “info”, and helps revealing any misplaced objects as well).
    This wish is on top of all lists, I wish for it multiple times per hour. :slight_smile:

  3. Also, the RM menu when on top of the Layer pane has this “Select Objects” command. It’s too far down in the list as this command is used very frequently, same goes for “Change Object Layer”.

It requires special focus to hit the right alternative in the long list, which is not good for the most frequently used commands.

// Rolf

I can’t tell from your text if you are aware that the object’s layer is stated in the status bar. It will also let you know if the selected objects reside on multiple layers.

As for making an object’s layer the current layer: personally I have -SetLayerToObject mapped on my MMB (Rhino Options > Mouse > Middle mouse button > Most-recently-used commands pop-up menu and Rhino Options > General > Most-recently-used commands pop-up menu > Show these commands at the top of the menu) but you could also put that on your RMB under Rhino Options > Context Menu > Object Menu.


Thank you for this, I didn’t know this. I helps a bit, although not selecting (actually, finding) the Layer in the list.

I’ll check out your hints about the settings that can be made.

// Rolf