Illustrator export should be improved, if possible


I love being able to export my 2D rhino drawings into illustrator.But the drawings especially circles are deformed
I saw other threads about it. Making the same comment.
I find DWG are much more reliable, however the curves are all exploded and joining them in AI is a pain.

I would like to see an ai format with the quality of dwg’s but keeps in memory the joined curves I assigned within rhino.

Hi alexandre,

Try exporting your 2D lines to AI at a specific scale (the ‘Options’ button within the Export window). This should give you precise curves in Illustrator.

Hope this helps.

I LL check it out


Hi Alex, the DWG/DXF export option has a check box setting where you to can keep the curves joined.

In addition to that, you may want to check the chord height setting when using the Acad export. I was tripped up with this recently, by mistakenly using the default instead of my saved version, and it cost me 2 mths of invoices, the workshop a lot more and a reputation in temporary tatters.

Are you referring to this post Deformed Rhino circles after exporting to illustrator

If so, the solution seems to be SelCircle/SelArc, followed by RebuildCurve.

The question is whether AI does not understand rational curves, or that the curves don’t get exported with the correct rational weights.

This will be fixed in the next release of Rhino WIP.

The solution for v5 is using the FitCrv command on the Make2D drawings before exporting them to an ai file. The FitCrv command removes the weight differences from all control points.