Hiding Space boundaries on plans

I’d like to show the labels of Spaces but hide the boundaries - can’t seem to achieve this. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Hi Andrew - I have no idea yet how to interpret your question - can you post an image or example explaining what it is you need to do?

Perhaps using solid hatches could help, just guessing here, while hiding or deleting the input curves to the hatches?


Sorry I posted in the wrong Category - it has to do with a plugin, Visual Arq, I will repost there.

I just moved this post to the VA category.

Hi Andrew, you can achieve this from the Space Styles dialog (vaSpaceStyles). There is a checkbox to show or not the space boundary:

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Francesc, when I check that box I get a solid line at the boundary.

When I uncheck it I get a dashed line.

What I want is no line.



Hi Andrew, is the Cut Plane of that level activated? this dashed line looks like the 3D display of the space, which should hide when you activate the cut plane of the level where it is inserted. If you can send me the model (visualarq@asuni.com) I’ll be able to tell you more.