Hideswap and layer visibility

Objects on layers that are off become visible in either of the hideswap states. This seems like wrong behavior to me. In my little world, I’d like to be able to hideswap, turn on a layer and NOT see the objects that were previously not visible, since they were never ‘hidden’ with the hide command in the first place. They were not visible due to being on a layer that was ‘off’.

The current behavior makes it difficult to segregate and differentiate and find things sometimes.

I’ve always assumed that hiding an object adds a ‘hidden’ attribute of some sort, and puts it in the ‘hidden’ world, and will never be visible again until ‘unhidden’. This is what makes sense to me.

Fun little twist you can try at home that is a real pisser with complex projects:
-turn off a layer with an object on it that is ‘visible’ (ie: not hidden with the hide command)
-run hideswap
-turn on the layer in step 1 above. That object is now visible.
-hideswap again and now that object has been hidden, even though the layer is ‘on’.

Am I out to lunch with this thinking?
This has been on my backburner for a while, but just now getting a chance to address it here.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy lately!

Hi Robert -

I don’t see anything in HideSwap that contradicts this - HideSwap takes all the objects that are in the hidden world out of that world and puts all the other things in there. I do see one could make an argument that off layers should simply be left out by this command though - that is the main point here, correct?


yes, correct. Objects on off layers should not be considered in the hidden world.