WIP8 bug - visibility does not respect layer assignment and visibility

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hey there … very often when moving objects to another layer the objects will hide when you turn of visibility of the original layer or vice versa.

select an object, create a new layer … move objects to new layer. now when you hide/show the new layer the objects on the layer where the moved object was before will also hide, despite the fact that they are on another layer which you can verify in the properties.

for example: i extract the control polygon from a subd object … move the resulting control polygon to a new layer … when i hide the new control polygon layer the original subd object will also hide (despit being on the intial layer and not on the ctrl polygon layer. also happens with imported objects: import object - move to new layer → hide the new layer and objects on the initial layer will also hide … and/or the other way round.

it’s a bit hard for me to figure out exactly what’s going on, sometimes the moved objects will hide when you hide the inital layer the object was moved from, sometimes it’s the other way round. the layers that aren’t hidden still have the visible flag on so it’s just the object getting hidden despite being on a visible layer.

Can you provide your SystemInfo (Rhino command line), testing on the latest WIP mac with your ExtractControlPolygon example is behaving as expected.

here you go

Untitled.txt (6.3 KB)

i have to add that this is a hackintosh so i’m not sure if that might be somehow responsible.

I’m on the same version of the WIP. Let’s reset your plist.