Worksession feature requests

Having my first real go of the worksession feature and found a couple missing UI features:

  • When selecting worksessioned objects, Copy Objects to Layer is grayed out when right clicking on a layer in the active file. I can achieve the same effect by making the target layer the active one and then doing Copy -> InPlace from the command line, but the first method would be easier.
  • The Details… button on the Properties: Object tab is grayed out (along with everything else) when worksessioned objects are selected, but it seems to me this is a read-only description that could be made available for non-modifiable geometry. As a workaround, is there a way to bring up the object details from the command line?

Hi -

I’ve put this on the pile as RH-56390 and made that a subtask of a different, slightly more general item that is visible to developers only.

Yes, you can run the What command to show that information. I’ve put your request to have that available from the Details… button on this list as RH-56391.

Thanks, Wim. The What command is exactly what I am looking for.