Hide all toolbars (temporarily)

Is there a command to toggle all toolbars (and toolbar groups) on off ?

I type -toolbar toolbar, and it asks for a collection name. Looks like a glitch ?
It worked initially twice and now it stuck asking for collection name.

Also (in the two times that it did get me into toolbar names) it did not recognize “Standard Toolbar Group” as a name.

Hi Thomas - FullScreen is what you are looking for, I think. The dash version has settings as to what to hide. The command is a toggle, so run it again to get things back to normal.



ok, yes, fullscreen can be configured to do what I want. Thanks for the tip.

Going back to the second post, is that a known glitch ?
Also, I cannot access the toolbar option under:
-options toolbars
… doesn’t do anything

Yep, I see that, and it is not the only -Option that fails either - thanks.

That is expected I think - it needs to know which RUI file to access to do the next thing.


Thanks for checking the “-options toolbars” thing.
I got the -toolbar toolbar to work, thanks for the hint !

What about not recognizing “Standard Toolbar Group” as a toolbar eventhough it is on the list ?

Because thats the only one that toggles with “Standard” the Toolbar Group part isnt needed for the standard one.

Never mind. I got it.

In order to toggle groups I needed to chose the group option in the -toolbar group sequence

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That command is a lifesaver on a laptop thanks for the tip! I discovered that ESC helps revert back to normal workspace.

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