"Hidden" Geometry, with visible in document Geometry

Hi Dear Forum!,

first of all, thank you in advance to whom can find some time to think about this with me.

The general topic is trying to bind two separate geometries inside of the file, without the assist of layers, groups, etc. In my case, It would be an extrusion and a cutter, but I do see cases where it could be done for let say a surface and perp frames? Idk

I think It can potentially be done with either a bit of code or gh, and that’s the way I normally go about it, but I wonder if it would be worth it to add to the wishlist, a kind of “Bind” command where you have a principal element and a secondary element, with going as far as to having a secondary state where you edit secondary bound geometry. I’ll try to illustrate in a couple of pics below:

That would be let’s say the primary geometry

and that would be the secondary geometry (In my case a cutter for solid operations)

and just for the sake of the topic, that would be this “secondary state” where you edit only secondary bound geometry.

Idk from a developer and business pov how feasible or worth it is to add something like that, I do know of some plugins that potentially offer a similar solution, but they are either Paid licenses (which is perfectly fine btw, but not something that I’ve seen many companies willing to do), or rather buggy implementations (which in this case would be pain due to a bunch of extra geometry in the file).

Hope this doesn’t read like a rant, I’m just wondering if potentially there is a wider audience for this to make it worth for Mcneel to think about.

I would also be open to code it myself (with the help of anyone interested!), this does not have a time constraint for me.

Anyways, thank you all