Wish: disable Rhino geometry preview

Sometimes to see well whats going on in Grasshopper’s result on the viewport I want to be able to isolate the preview to live grasshopper geometry only, excluding the rhino geometry already on the viewport.

Kind of like this:

but with a little ‘mute rhino geometry’ button instead.



Blindfold can do it


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that’s very cool, but I also want to hide ALL Rhino geometry, not just the referenced objects.

when you add a new geometry click the button for refresh
yes it will be very useful feature but this is the solution now

Just put all Rhino layers under a main layer. Then just switch that layers light bulb on or off. Seems quicker than doing it in gh. I think it’s against gh nature to control rhino things that it is not interacting with - that’s what Rhinos interface is for, which you have to have opened with gh anyway.

Or put a keyboard shortcut with select all and hide.

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You are all describing the things I can already do today, and that are annoying enough to still want this wish. :man_shrugging:t2:

…but thanks for the ideas.

Ok and so what should be the rules for that buttons unhiding (show). Would it just unhide all that gh hid or unhide all Rhino geometry as well.

For instance, say you already hid some things in Rhino, then you use hide in gh to hide all that is left. When you unhide in gh does everything come back or just what went away when you hid from gh?

What about if you hide from gh but then unhide from rhino. Does the rhino unhide (show) override the gh hide button or no?

i think he mean hiding all geometries used with grasshopper and that what blindfold do.
if grasshopper have a button to hide rhino geometries and a new geometry added and used with grasshopper; we will click on the this button again to hide it, the same procedure when use blindfold.

And I think he means all Rhino geometries, period. He did not use the word “referenced”. That means all Rhino geometries even the ones not referenced.

@gustojunk, I think this would be very useful indeed. I use GH in a way that I don’t reference all rhino objects and the viewport becomes cluttered sometimes. It will be good to have such button in GH.

I don’t know how plausible but I wish GH was directly working with/producing Rhino geometries. No referencing, no baking.

but is it useful like that?
if i make a design and i create some parts with grasshopper i need to see other geometries.

If it’s about referenced geometry this is maybe a temporary solution. I don’t know how to get all the referenced geometry in an active ghdoc inside python, so atm you need to link the id of the objects you want to hide/unhide.

190301_HideRhinoGeo.gh (6.5 KB)

Btw. Do you know how to find all referenced ids inside ghdoc?

Sure it is. If you work only in GH and use RH to view your stuff, while still changing your algorithm you need to see clearly and quickly hide all data (3d objects) that are just in rhino.

I use a custom display mode in Rhino in which nothing is visible (by turning off object shading, curve display, etc.). With an alias to change to this mode, one can easily “hide” ALL Rhino geometry and see only what is happening in Grasshopper, and then go back to normal display mode if necessary. To improve visibility I use two different modes: GhB (only GH geometry, black background) an GhW (same, but white background). This might work for your needs!

That should not be that difficult I think, using python. But the request was for a button in GH hardcoded and I support that it will be useful.

Yes ofc, I support the request. As I said: temporary solution.

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Blindfold already does referenced geometries. He means all Rhino geometry in general.

It’s not hard to make it hide all Rhino geometry, I can add it. But as I understand the wish is for a button in gh interface which I am personally not familiar with coding that (not sure that’s technically allowed unless Mcneel does it)

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He means all rhino geometry, not just reference

Until GH has that button or I add it to blindfold, you can do something simple like this with Lunchbox.

hideshow.gh (5.7 KB)


Hi Michael, adding that option for ‘all geometry’
would be great.

The reason I want this is because we are using GH to do retopology of Rhino geometry so we can start working from static regency geometry (Modo modeled, scanned data, burns models) and turn them into drivable GH geometry (mostly SubD).

We need an easy way to toggle on/off separately the Rhino Geometry and/or the Gasshopper preview.

It doesn’t make sense in this workflow to have to go to 2 different places to turn on/off visibility of ‘all our work’.