Hi All, I am Tariq Ali Khan i am having issue with stl exported

I have exported a stl file from my metrix softwere and the vendor is alarming me of measurement issue
the lines which are created in the design and measured are .6mm vendor is saying the lines are .3 mm and i am very depressed please help me !! is there something wrong with my exporting procedure.

Where does Rhino fit into your procedure?


metrix is rhino based soft it runs on it but exclusively for jewelry ,so rhino is there.

Ah, Matrix… Well, I might contact the Matrix people and see what they say, sounds like you have a scale of 0.5 happening somewhere you don’t know about. If you have a Rhino file you can post here that exhibits this phenomenon perhaps someone can figure it out.


good help Mitch …but the Diameter of the object is same as created only the lines are not complying it’s showing me .6mm with 3dm and stl but to the vendors the stl is giving .3

If you re-import the STL in Rhino and it measures the required 0.6, then the STL is correct. The problem is then on the vendor side.


Hey Mitch i did so and yo were right it was .6 and .5 Thanks man ,i appreciate your help.