Hexagonal Architectural Installation

Old student stuff, but anyway.
Architectural installation approximating a doubly curved surface using hexagonal cells. All parts are planar and milled from 3mm and 5mm high density fiberboard.

The project was done as an entry-level excercise in grasshopper and digital fabrication. It was during that seminar that I discovered my love for grasshopper (and for maths in general).

The installation consists of 2400 labelled parts as well as 400 bookbinder’s screws which are used as joints between the cells.

All parts were milled using a 3-axis CNC mill at Kunsthochschule Kassel (School of Art and Design Kassel).

Year: 2012 (good ol’ Rhino 4 times :wink: )
Software used: Pure Grasshopper (Mastercam was used for programming the CNC)
Teacher: Dr. Markus Schein


Interesting work! :+1:

Thank you for sharing, amazing that it was done in 2012.

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