Hexagon Facade / planar and equal size + adaptiv triangles

Hello, I am trying to develop a facade for a special building. It consists of free tubes that I have already built with Grasshopper.

Now I want to build a hexagon facade on these tubes. So the first step would be to divide the surface into equal sized (if possible) and planar hexagons. Important would be an option to define the number of hexagons with the area.

Later the planar hexagons should be divided into 6 triangles which then form the facade elements. These are actually still wind-adaptive and would rotate around the axis of the hexagon outline.

I would be very happy if you could help me. I haven’t found a way with Grasshopper and Lunchbox so far.


Welcome @st149444 You have already failed suggestion number 1

Please read the rest. Moved to Grasshopper category.

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