Problem projecting onto surface


I am trying to project the laid out laths in my file onto a surface to mimic a gridshell in the shape of my surface. I have tried projecting the curves onto the surface using grasshopper and also flowing along the surface in Rhino. I have also tried extruding the laths upwards then intersecting it with my surface. Unfortunately, these three methods have either warped or skewed the laths on the surface. Is there any way to do this with minimal skewing/warping of the laths?

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Thank you!!!

If I had to do this only with Rhino commands I think Iā€™d rebuild the surface so it is a single surface instead of a polysurface. Then create a rectangular surface below your 2D structure and use _FlowAlongSrf

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Hi @Mateusz_Grabowski
I agree with @martinsiegrist, but also note that your laths and your target surface have very different length/width ratios, so if you use them in their current state, you are bound to get some serious skewing, as the laths are stretched to fit the width of the surface. You either need to use a base surface with an aspect ratio that fits that of your target surface, leaving your laths to cover only part of the surface; or re-create your laths to fit the aspect ratio.

HTH, Jakob


@martinsiegrist @Normand I will try these out, thank you!!!