Help with model

Looking for someone to help with cleaning up the surface of a model I started in Rhino. Surface joining and smoothing to start. This is a fuselage model for machining female mold and needs to be free of surface imperfections. OOF Fuselage.3dm (5.3 MB)

Missing image files

\Users\orbis1\Documents\CAD\Bulkhead paterns\orbisone\Back.tif
\Users\orbis1\Documents\CAD\Bulkhead paterns\orbisone\F10.tif
\Users\orbis1\Documents\CAD\Bulkhead paterns\orbisone\F-11.tif
\Users\orbis1\Documents\CAD\Bulkhead paterns\orbisone\F125.tif
\Users\orbis1\Documents\CAD\Bulkhead paterns\orbisone\F28.tif
\Users\orbis1\Documents\CAD\Bulkhead paterns\orbisone\Side.tiff
\Users\orbis1\Documents\CAD\Bulkhead paterns\orbisone\Top.tiff

Yes - Hard to validate the surfaces without the images.

Apparently tiff is not valid for upload?

Here are the image files:

Uploading: F28.jpg…

These are scanned from original hand drawings so there are some inconsistencies. Would like to come as close as possible but there is some wiggle room.

Sorry having issues uploading files, If anyone is interested please contact me at


I can help
Please check PM

Charles leo