LIDAR data?

We are looking at some LIDAR data, and it would come as *.las or *.laz. Does anyone know of a route to get this into Rhino?


Get it to e57 using CloudCompare or others and use the plugin available in food4rhino to import that format.


Thanks for this. I was going to try it out and report back, but as is often the case, a more important thing of “we need this immediately” displaced this instance of “we need this immediately” :wink:

Thanks again,

Hello from Germany- I also want to input *.las files into Rhino but I cannot find a import tool on food4rhino

there are any news about this?

Here is the process that I use for LIDAR to Rhino:

  1. Download Lastools from and run las2txt from bin folder.
  2. Open the .asc file and export it to .txt file.
  3. Open the .txt file in Rhino. Make sure separator matches that one set in las2txt export (usually space)
  4. Spacing between dots should be as per download, usually 500 mm, 1 m, 2m. Make sure it matches in Rhino. Scale from 0,0,0 if it does not match.
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Try RhinoTerrain. It can directly read las file and cartography on the point cloud.


Ado they have a trial? Its like $1500 professional, $300 student… Would love to try it!