Cant fillet edges on closed polysurface

Hi there,

Having trouble using the filletedge command on a closed poly surface. Keep getting the message-‘ignored 5 tangent edges’. This seems strange because the shape is symmetrical and only some of the edges are tangent. Any thoughts or suggestions? Could it be that I revolved a non ideal curve?


Can you please export your object you’re trying to fillet, and post it here with the radius you’re trying to use?

Hi there,

Here is the form, it doesn’t want to accept a .1 radius fillet. Any thoughts? Is it the starting curve? Does it need to be rebuilt?

Petrafillet no.3dm (4.0 MB)

I exploded your object and discovered an unnecessary surface (planar Red). The other problem is the surface seem location on the cylinder. Reposition it above the object, so it’s removed with the boolean.