Help with Eto.forms

I’m developing a plugin that will depend on a fairly complex form, once the user has selected all necessary geometry. I’ve been trying all day to figure out how to apply the example on github with no luck.

I was wondering if someone has a simple plugin project that displays a form from which I can jump off.

Thank you. This may do the trick. I’ll dive into it in the morning.

Thx for the reference.

To a seasoned developer, this might seem like a gold mine, but since I’m just starting out in Rhinocommon and, especially, in Eto and github, this repository seems like a bunch of unrelated files with no structure.

I was hoping someone had developed a simple plugin that displayed a dialog, for whatever purpose, and wouldn’t mind sharing it, so I can see how all the pieces fit together.

Hi @cestes001

Here is the project mentioned above. (28.4 KB)

– Dale