Help with Error

So I’ve muddled my system a little in using brute force to get the most recent panelling tools plug-in plugged-in. I dragged the files around (which worked), and now I get this error when I quit rhino.
I’m confused as it’s referencing d:, which is my dvd drive.

Any help in deciphering the error would be greatly appreciated.


The path you see is to the source code file “RuiFile.cs” that the Rhino software engineers use to make Rhino. It has no relation to your computer.

The problem is related to moving a RUI file, while it is being saved. When Rhino closes the default.RUI file is updated to have the latest settings of your toolbar and menu.

If I’m not mistaken, you can find the location of the RUI file in Tools => Toolbar Layout and then either save, or open to see where your default.RUI file is located.

Maybe you moved it inadvertedly? Maybe the location it wants to write to is write protected?

This is a bug in our code and it will hopefully be fixed in the next release candidate for SR8 of Rhino.

Thanks @menno for the explanation.
And thanks @stevebaer for shifting the blame off me!