Error Saving RUI File

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I have just updated my Rhino 5 to the new version : Version 5 SR8 64-bit
(5.8.40305.11495, 05/03/2014) and I am getting below message each time I close any file:

Do you know @pascal if this is the same problem as @ATH had and should I just ignore the error for now?

Since the file is in the ProgramData folder, and you may not have full rights there, I would check the file rights and see if it’s set as read-only or some other restrictive setting.

Rhino stores it’s RUI files in:
So each user has full control over their own tools.

Thanks for your reply John.

I checked the file ‘V-Ray_Express.rui’, I have full access to it as the administrator of the system and the file itself doesn’t have any restrictions as well.

I copied the file ‘V-Ray _Express.rui’ to the location you described but it still brings up the error window each time I close Rhino.

The easiest thing to do is with all other instances of Rhino closed, start Rhino as an admin (right click on the Rhino icon and select Run as administrator). Make any changes you need to the V-Ray toolbar, then close Rhino.

Your other option is in Rhino Options -> Toolbars, select the V-Ray_Express toolbar and on the top of the Rhino Options window select File -> Save as, then select a location in which you have write privileges as a user (not admin).


The second method described solved the problem.

Many thanks Sam!