Help with Creating lofted Triangular Pattern with random axis rotation on top plane

Hi I am trying to create a similar pattern to the attached image in Grasshopper. I want to make a lofted triangluar pattern and i need the top curves to rotate on one of three axises in a random fashion. Seems simple but I am new to Grasshopper so any help is appreciated! (12.7 KB)

This use random height for triangle points (12.0 KB)

That’s a reasonable interpretation, except I would have chosen only one of the three points in each triangle and raised them all the to the same height (i.e., angle of rotation). As is, the angles and areas of the triangles are not the same.

Also, the RuleSrf is showing anomalies like rounded corners. Better to do that part this way:

tri_re (15.4 KB)

Thanks so much for your help! Joseph I reworked yours a little to include a randomization on the angle of rotation but now the right side of my grid is becoming solid? Why is this?

After I figure that out I want to loft these curves to their flat triangle counterpart at an again random z factor

Forgot to attach my grasshopper - but now im realizing that they are not solid on the right side but arrayed (15.8 KB)

Oh? You didn’t mention random angles.

How should I know, I can’t see your code. Good luck and have fun.

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