Help with coloring by condition of a mesh

Hello and thank you for reading my message and trying to help,

I would like to color the mesh as if it were a thermal map (gradient of higher and lower), where the conditional component would be the perpendicular distance from the point on the mesh to the line passing through the longitudinal middle of the tunnel. The goal is to have the tunnel colored in gradients according to the perpendicular distance from the center (line). (9.7 MB)

Thank you very much for your attention and help.

Like this? (9.7 MB)

Here the distance considered is each mesh vertex to the center of the line, however you could change this to sorting based on the distance of each vertex to the closest point (of each vertex) on the line.

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Thank you very much! That is exactly what I was looking for. I believe the correct answer is “B”, the perpendicular distance between the point on the mesh and the line, rather than the central point. I greatly appreciate your assistance.

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