Color gradient for multiple points on Mesh [Solved]

Yes, I’d like to make a heat map of a band of points hovering over a mesh, but it seems that my gh definition only tests for one point and all the other points are disregarded.

Updated gh:
Colorize Mesh 01 (29.1 KB)

Is there an easy way to achive what I want?

// Rolf


Argh, I saw that the color was different (green, it should have been pink) and suspected a thirdparty component, and so searched three times for the “std” component. What is its name when I can’t find it?

I found Bounds & Remap instead:

// Rolf

No PC at the moment, but you will have to graft the mesh vertices on the distance component and then use a sort component on the output of distance and then list item to take the smallest ( item 0) and flatten and use these values. (31.6 KB)

Yes, thanks, problem solved.

// Rolf