Help/Wish: Extract Clipping plane fills and edges?


I see lots of potential for Clipping Planes. Is it possible to extract the Fills and Edges?
Perfect for extracting quick sections, the polylines and surfaces(fills) are already there… Would be nice to have a function to extract them. Maybe customize the fills?


Hi Bogdan - the V8 WIP has a lot of clipping plane and section/fill enhancements -

To get the clipped edge curves, use Intersect and IP (InfinitePlane), selecting the clipping plane as the IP to intersect.
Intersect (select the objects) type IP & Enter (select the clipping plane) Enter again.


wow @pascal ! thanks for the introduction! When I see those hatches, my heart gets warm! Please promote this feature every now and then, it will help selling V8 for sure!