Help clips throws errors in R5 / Win10 (x64)

Has anyone else had any problems with help clips (gifs or other video format?) throwing an error message when first clicked. Second click works. This happens for every clip on a help page.

Fig 1. The error message (in Swedish) : “An error occurred in the script on this page. The property or the method isn’t supported by the script”. etc.

Using Rhino 5 on Win10 x64.

Any known fix for this?

// Rolf

Hi Rolf - the only fix I know of is to remove the installed Help file, this will force Help to the web version, which should work. I think this is a result of an update in Windows or Edge or something.

The Help file is here"


OK, I’ll try that until I find something new on this. I also sent you a test model of the sphere.

// Rolf