Help, very Beginner

Dear all,

my first time writing here pls be gentle with me, I’m a very beginner(probably even less).
I’m trying to learn, ad, of course, I’m doing so many mistakes, however, It’s the only way to learn.
getting back to my topic, I was doing a small exercise, as you can see from my screenshot, but I’m not able to move on, as you can see I used ISOTRIM to divide my " facade" with simple lines. What I’m not able to understand is why ISOTRIM has been applied only to 1side of the “facade”,

then my second question,

The main facade is offset inside by 50 cm ( slabs will have a cantilever of 50 cm) I do not understand, even here, why the corners (visible on the top) have not been trimmed.

I will really appreciate it if someone would be so kind to help me to move on. As I said I’m a beginner user, and I’m trying to learn day by day this software.

thanks in advance for any help.

no one? :frowning:

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Hi, you’ll need to graft the surfaces before feeding them into the ‘IsoTrim’ component. Basically one branch for one surface, so that the surface has its own domain. As an alternative, you can flatten the ‘Domain’ input back to a list. So it’s a matter of data-management, which is probably the hardest part of Grasshopper. And compared to direct programming, much harder to understand in my opinion. Once you get that, it will become much more obvious.

thanks Tom, I solved the graft part.

I will,
thank you.